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The best part of our specialty coffee roastery is the state of the art facilities from which we operate.

Our Coffee Roaster is a commercial 22kg Phantom Full – Line. Phantom Roasters are designed here in QLD by Coffee Roasters Australia in an effort to create the perfect roaster for our hot climate. Rather then cast iron or stainless steel our drum is made from carbon steel, eliminating the risk of scorching or tipping the coffee beans. So instead of ashy and bitter you can rest assured our coffee will taste smooth and flavoursome every time.

Alongside our roastery we welcome you to experience our coffee range anytime on our espresso bar that seconds as a training space for the public as well as our coffee partners.

The Genesis

Eumundi Coffee Roasters began years ago here on the Sunshine Coast. Formed by a fellowship of baristas with decades of coffee experience, together we fell in love with the culture, the story and the creative art that is coffee making.


Our now matured ambitions grow from a vision of a coffee community focused on the development of the industry as a whole. Our journey seeks to pioneer new projects and practices aimed at improving the interactions of everyone involved in the journey of our coffees.


Looking for the perfect coffee partner is often difficult however, partnering with us we listen to your needs and tailor the best possible solution for your business. From customized and affordable equipment to your own coffee blends. We also offer on-going barista training as well as reliable and local technical support.


We hope you enjoy our unique coffee blends, all of which are deliciously different and have been created for the palates of our local community.


Since travelling to Minas Gerais, Brazil in 2019 we have been directly importing the Brazilian coffee we use in our blends. Directly sourced coffees partnered with long term relationships ensure financial stability for our farmers.


Thomas Rumble

97C Memorial Drive
Eumundi, QLD, Australia

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