Moon Dog House Blend

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Moon Dog House Blend


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Moon Dog House Blend

Our award winning Moon Dog House Blend is our #1 seller. Designed and developed at the genesis of our company for the lovers of strong and smooth coffee. Made up mostly of Indonesian beans this blend is rich and strong with notes of  dark chocolate, earthiness and sweet spice. For plant-based milk coffees this is the perfect blend.

When conducting research on the desired flavour profile of Sunshine Coast coffee lovers, we found 90% of us wanted strength without bitterness. So, we went about sourcing traditionally processed arabica beans from the century-old coffee farms of Indonesia and PNG.

Origins: Mexico / PNG / Sumatra
Process: Washed / Traditional Wet-Hull
Farms: Yirgacheffe Co-op
Varietals: Typica / Java

Cupping notes:
Black: Blood Orange / Cacao / Earthy Spices
Milk: Sweet Biscuit / Milk Chocolate

Grind Options: Whole Bean, Espresso, Stove Top, Filter, Plunger, Cold Brew

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