Mother Earth Organic Blend

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Mother Earth Organic Blend


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Mother Earth
Award Winning Organic Blend

Our award-winning Mother Earth Blend is made up of fruity seasonal organic coffees. We want to challenge the ‘norm’ with Mother Earth by lightly roasting exceptional and often experimental lots, showcasing the delicious fruity-sweet and acidic characters of specialty grade arabica coffee.

This season we’ve sourced a coffee grown in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. This certified Fairtrade, Organic coffee is grown in purple soils 2000masl in the mountains of Southern Ethiopia. It is said the first Arabica coffee trees were discovered there, making it some would say the ‘mother’ cultivar.

Origins: Colombia / PNG / Ethiopia
Process: Washed / Natural
Farms: Planadas / Keromine / Yirgacheffe Co-op
Varietals: Red Bourbon / Typica / Heirloom

Cupping notes:
Black: Lemon / Ruby Grapefruit / Dark Chocolate
Milk: Apricot Jam / Orange / Caramel / Toffee

Grind Options: Whole Bean, Espresso, Stove Top, Filter, Plunger, Cold Brew

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