White Horse Origin Blend

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White Horse Origin Blend


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White Horse Origin Blend

Our White Horse Blend is made up of seasonal specialty grade coffee’s we’ve sourced directly from farmers in Brazil. We aim to showcase the high standard of Brazilian specialty coffee in this blend. Brazilian coffee is known for its rich caramel and creamy textures, nuttiness and in the last few years its sweet citrus acidity, flavours we’ve developed in this blend by roasting the beans medium-dark.

“What is essential to us is the human relationship, mutual respect, and also respect for the nature, and most of all, our passion for coffee. For me and for my family, coffee was never only coffee, for me coffee is the same as passion, coffee is life, coffee is movement.” Producer – Pedro Gabara

Region: Alta Mogiana / Sao Paulo
Process: Natural (Dry Process)
Farms: Labareda / Sul De Minas
Varietals: Bourbon / Mundo Novo

Cupping notes:
Black: Toffee / Praline / Cacao Nib / Mandarin
Milk: Creamy Hazelnut / Honey / Milk Chocolate

Grind Options: Whole Bean, Espresso, Stove Top, Filter, Plunger, Cold Brew

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